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Procedures for Formal Admission to
Social Science Endorsement

Rationale for Capping the Social Science Cohort

  • The current employment market does not support the number of social science candidates we previously admitted. It is an ethical decision to balance the number of candidates prepared with the likelihood of employment.
  • By limiting the number of candidates admitted we can use our resources more efficiently and effectively to provide an optimum experience for our social science candidates. These resources extend beyond UNO to the field experiences, cooperating teachers, and university supervisors who mentor candidates.
  • The criteria used to select social science candidates represent potential for success based upon demonstrated academic knowledge/content knowledge, interpersonal/communication skills, and professed commitment to the profession.

Admission Process

    • Admission to Teacher Preparation
    • Submit application for admission to Social Science Cohort at the same time as admission to Teacher Preparation.  Deadlines for Fall and Spring admission are the same. (download form, pdf)
    • Minimum cumulative GPA of 3.25, weighted as follows:
      3.75 - 4.0 = 5 points, 3.5 - 3.749 = 3 points, 3.25 - 3.49 = 0 points

    • PPST scores (weighted)
      Admission criteria:  Reading 173, Math 173, Writing 173    
      Award 5 points for scores over 180 (190 is highest score) in each category
    • Scripted interview conducted by two veteran educators or adjunct faculty with scores averaged (Note: Student will be contacted for interview once he or she has been admitted to Teacher Preparation)


    Students will be rank ordered by total points.  If not admitted to the cohort, student may reapply ONE time.

    Important: A prerequisite for TED 4000-Social Studies methods is admission to a Social Science cohort. A student who is pursuing another endorsement may continue in that area but will not be able to complete the social science endorsement unless (s)he is also accepted into the Social Science cohort.

    Dates: October 1 or March 1

    Note: If the deadline is on a weekend, the application is due the preceding business day. Late submissions will not be accepted.


    Adopted Fall 2007, Revised July 2010