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Overload Appeals Guidelines

Student appeals to take overload hours in any semester must be directed to the Associate Dean of the college. The appeal request may be submitted in writing or via UNO e-mail address. The appeal request must contain the following information.

  • Student name.
  • Semester for which the overload is requested.
  • List of all courses (arranged by course number, title, and number of credit hours) to be taken in that semester.
  • Current, cumulative GPA.
  • Reasons for requesting the overload.

Please note:

This is a formal process. Appropriate language and “business letter” format should be used in the appeal.

Failure to provide the required information will delay the process and may jeopardize your ability to enroll in desired courses.

All responses will be sent through your UNO e-mail address.


Dr. David Conway, Associate Dean

Roskens Hall 211