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Alliance of Fitness Professionals - The Alliance of Fitness Professionals is a local organization whose members are Graduate or Undergraduate students in the UNO School of Health, Physical Education and Recreation.  AFP was introduced in the summer, 2001 and is the product of the merging of the previous student chapters of Phi Epsilon Kappa (PEK) and the Association for Worksite Health Promotion (AWHP).

Students have the opportunity to work on local projects, develop and grow personally and professionally and to network with other professionals and students on the local level.  All interested students with a GPA of 2.5 or higher are welcome to join.

Some of the benefits to joining AFP are:

  • Interacting/Networking with local professionals in the field
  • Further development of collegiality among fellow students
  • Provides opportunities for professional growth and leadership development
  • Helps to instill a healthy personal and professional spirit among the members and the other students in the department or school
  • Mentoring by Faculty Advisors that attend every meeting to provide direction
  • Increased awareness of available resources and jobs in the field
  • Earn money to attend conferences or pay for professional memberships

Just a few of AFP's activities are:

Monthly meetings
Presentations by local health professionals
Participation at conferences such as
    WELCOM'S Annual Conference & Awards Luncheon
    ACSM's National Health & Fitness Summit
Community service projects
Assisting the School of HPER with the annual HPER banquet
Holiday parties and informal gatherings

The Faculty Advisors for AFP are Dr. Mike Messerole and Dr. John Noble.

For more information on AFP, call 554-2670, the HPER Office. AFP Web Site is currently under construction.


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Membership in Eta Sigma Gamma provides students the opportunity to assume leadership roles while participating in professional health education activities. Teaching, research and service are integral aspects of this national organization founded at Ball State University in 1967.  

A number of the projects that Eta Sigma Gamma sponsors each year are:

 Trees for Trails (a tree planting project)
The Bell Tower Challenge (a food drive for the Omaha Food Bank)
A Web of Health (a Website Treasure Hunt for Good Health Resources.

The Faculty Advisor for ESG is Dr. Jason Coleman.

Eta Sigma Gamma Web Site


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The purposes of the MATS (Maverick Athletic Training Students) organization are: 

  • For the improvement of the individual’s professional and educational growth
  • To promote fellowship between the athletic training students
  • To elevate standards, ethics, status, and appreciation of athletic training within the community
  • To cooperate with local, state, and national agencies associated with athletic training and
  • To have a beneficial social and professional cooperation with all HPER students, faculty, and alumni.
  • Membership in the group has been broken into three categories. The first is a general membership, which is for any UNO athletic training student. The second category is the associate member, which is open to students from other Universities and Colleges. The last category of membership is the alumni membership, which is available to individuals upon the completion of a degree.

The Faculty Advisor for MATS is Dr. Melanie McGrath.

MATS Web Site


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The SRLS (Student Recreation and Leisure Society) function is an entry-level, professional organization for Recreation/Leisure Studies majors.  It has direct representation on the Administrative Board of the Nebraska Recreation and Park Association which is an affiliate of the Nat6ional Recreation and Park Association.

The objectives of SRLS are:

  • To participate in numerous professional and service experiences
  • To plan and conduct professional and service activities
  • To engage in a variety of experiences which foster social interaction, programming opportunities, leadership and above all, professionalism.

The Faculty Advisor for SRLS is Dr.Donald Greer.

SRLS Web Site is currently under construction.


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For Additional information on any of these organizations, call the School of HPER at 554-2670.