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Recreation & Leisure Studies
HPER, College of Education
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Recreational Administration

The field of Recreation Administration is devoted to enhancing personal and community development and improving the quality of life for all citizens through the provision of parks and recreation. A degree in Recreation Administration prepares students for professional and managerial careers in the promotion and organization of leisure and recreation services. Graduates typically work in a wide range of settings, including government parks and recreation agencies, non-profit organizations, and the commercial recreation field.

Possible Job Settings

Campus Recreation, City Department of Parks and Recreation, Commercial Recreation Field, Education, Health and Fitness Clubs, National Parks/Forests, Non-profit Organizations, Rehabilitation Centers, Travel Agencies.

Undergraduate Program

Students must complete all required course work, both general and professional with a minimum GPA of 2.5 before applying for their practicum experiences. Prior to graduation, all recreation and leisure studies course work must be completed with at least a 2.5 overall GPA and no grade below a "C."

Students are required to complete appropriate sequences of courses for the concentration they elect. Each concentration has a required professional education sequence containing a common core of 36 credit hours, a professional specialization of 27 credit hours, plus additional supportive requirements of 15 credit hours. A total of 125 credit hours are required.

If you are interested in the Recreation Administration major, then please check the worksheet for a list of classes.