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Excellence in Teaching Awards.

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2012-2013 Award Winner
Marcia Adler

Marcia Adler,,
The Part-time Excellence
in Teaching Award recipient

In 1998, the School of Health, Physical Education and Recreation Faculty decided the quality of teaching by the part-time and joint appointment faculty should be recognized. A committee of full time, part-time and joint appointment faculty was called together to develop a procedure to recognize the excellent teaching of part-time and joint appointment faculty.


Award Nomination Forms


List of Part-time/Joint Appointment Faculty


The committee recommended providing an award at a luncheon in the Spring for one part-time and one Joint Appointment faculty each year. The procedures called for soliciting nominations from students and faculty in the fall and selecting the recipients by a committee appointed by the Director of HPER.

We are very proud of all of our Part-Time and Joint Appointment Faculty. Here are current and past winners
of the Joint Appointment and Part-Time Teaching Awards. Click on the date to learn more about them.

2012-2013 Award Winner - Marcia Adler

2011-2012 Award Winners- Jon Carey - Matt Dykstra - Chris Gadsden

2010-2011 Award Winners- Jeff Kaipust - Chris Richardson

2009-2010 Award Winners- Craig Johnson- Bob Herold

2008-2009 Award Winners- Beth Gruber- Rose Shires

2007-2008 Award Winners - Glen Wragge- Ted Anderson

2006-2007 Award Winners - Mary Waugh-Taylor and Lisa Schniepp

2005-2006 Award Winners - Caroline Olson and Chad Kinart

2004-2005 Award Winners - Pat Behrns and Joe Kaminski

2003-2004 Award Winners - Don Klosterman and Suk Ki Shin

2002-2003 Award Winners - Michele Merrill and Mike Denney

2001-2002 Award Winners - Rusty Mckune and Jason Paladino

2000-2001 Award Winners - Karen Povondra and Mark Williams

1999-2000 Award Winners - Marti Rosen Atherton

1998-1999 Award Winners - Sue Selde and Tom Frette