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School Health Education

The School Health Educator is certified to teach in public and private schools and is qualified to participate in the assessment, planning, implementation and evaluation of school health education programs.

School health educators work collaboratively with parents and community health agencies to address the intertwined social, educational, psychological, and health needs of young people.  In addition to the required professional education courses, school health educators complete course work in the following areas:

Foundations of Health Education Basic Physiology and Anatomy
Nutrition Healthful Living
Drug Awareness Stress Management
First-Aid Health Concepts of Sexual Development
General Safety Education Methods and Materials in Health Education
Prevention and Control of Disease Health Education: Planning & Organization
Health Aspects of Aging Student Teaching
School Health Programs  

There are 45 hours of general education requirements, student teaching and 41 hours of school course work in content area. This subject endorsement must be completed with a secondary endorsement area. Please see additional subject endorsement areas at:

For academic advising, please call the College of Education advisors at 554-2717.

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