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College of Education

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Department of Counseling
Concentration in Student Affairs Practice in Higher Education - Professional Practices


Foundation Course:

TED 8010

Introduction to Research




Counseling Courses:

Course No.

Course Name




COUN 8020 Introduction to Counseling 1    
COUN 8030 Counseling Practices 3    
COUN 8040 Professional and Ethical Issues 3    
COUN 8100 Research Project
COUN 8110 Human Development
COUN 8150 The Student and Personnel Work in Higher Education 3    
COUN 8200 Counseling Theories 3    
COUN 8226 Career Development and Lifestyle 3    
COUN 8230 Appraisal Techniques 3    
COUN 8270 Group Techniques in Guidance 1    
COUN 8300 Counseling Techniques I 1    
COUN 8310 Counseling Techniques II 1    
COUN 8370 Group Counseling: Theory & Practice 2    
COUN 8400 Counseling Techniques III
COUN 8280 Crisis Intervention (3) may be taken in place of
(COUN 8300, COUN 8310, and COUN 8400)
COUN 8450 College Student Personnel Internship 6    
COUN 8520 Counseling with Multicultural and Diverse Populations 3    

Selected Cognate Courses (6): These courses are selected in consultation with the student's particular background and interests; i.e., admissions and registration, career counseling, placement and financial aid, student services (counseling, testing, students with special needs, etc.), housing and student union activities.

Minimum Total Hours: 48-51**

**A course (graduate or undergraduate) in Abnormal Psychology is required.