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Department of Counseling
Concentration in Gerontology

The counseling degree program with specialization in gerontology is a cooperative effort of the counseling department and the gerontology program. The UNO gerontology program offers courses leading to a certificate in gerontology. Candidates wishing to earn a degree in counseling with a concentration in gerontology must be admitted to the gerontology certificate program as well as the counseling program. Certificates of specialization in gerontology are issued by the University to those completing the certificate program upon the recommendation of the gerontology program.


Foundation Course:

TED 8010

Introduction to Research




Counseling Courses:

Course No.

Course Name




COUN 8020 Introduction to Counseling 1    
COUN 8030 Counseling Practices 3    
COUN 8040 Professional and Ethical Issues 3    
COUN 8200 Counseling Theories 3    
COUN 8226 Career Development and Lifestyle 3    
COUN 8230 Appraisal Techniques 3    
COUN 8270 Group Techniques in Guidance 1    
COUN 8300 Counseling Techniques I 1    
COUN 8310 Counseling Techniques II 1    
COUN 8370 Group Theory and Practice 2    
COUN 8400 Counseling Techniques III 1    
COUN 8520 Counseling Multicultural and Diverse Populations 3    

Additional Courses (0-3 hours)
These courses in counseling are selected with the adviser on the basis of the candidate's background and interests.

Gerontology (9-15 hours)
Fifteen graduate hours in gerontology are required except in some instances where a candidate has had undergraduate hours in gerontology. These courses are selected with the major adviser's assistance and in collaboration with the gerontology program.

Practicum and Internship (9 hours)
Practicum and Internship are arranged in cooperation with the gerontology program to meet both the counseling department and the gerontology program requirements for practica and field experience.

Minimum Total Hours: 45-51 hour