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Department of Counseling
Frequently Asked Questions

1. What behavioral sciences courses are needed to meet the admission pre-requisite?
Examples of the behavioral sciences courses include; (i.e. sociology, psychology, anthropology, cultural studies, philosophy, etc.) Fifteen semester hours are required with a GPA of 3.0 or higher. This prerequisite applies only to individuals seeking admission to the Clinical Mental Health, Student Affairs, and Gerontology Counseling concentrations.

2. What is the graduate test required for entrance?
There are three assessments required: the MAT or GRE, the MCMI and a short essay. Test scores from the Miller Analogy Test (MAT) or the verbal score on the Graduate Record Exam (GRE) are required. The UNO Testing Center (554-4800) administers the MAT periodically during the academic year. Please call/visit the Testing Center to register for this test. The MCMI and a short essay are administered by the Department of Counseling several times during each semester. There are fees for the MAT, GRE and MCMI.

3. I took the GRE (or MAT) two years ago. May I use those scores?
Scores from the last two years for either test are acceptable. If you take a test more than once within the last two years, the higher score will be used for points. Exam scores older than two years are not accepted. Individuals with a previous graduate degree may not be required to complete the GRE or MAT.

4. What is a group interview and what can I expect?
A small group of candidates (8 to 10) participate in an interview with two faculty members and one or two graduate assistants. This allows the faculty and graduate assistants to get to know you in a more personal way and to assess your intra personal skills in a group setting. Interviews typically last from 1 to 1.5 hours. Candidates should conduct themselves as though this is a job interview.

5. I have several letters of recommendations. May I use them?
The department requires three references from you and will send a form to each reference you list. This not only ensures uniformity for quality assurance but also insures that the references are current.

6. Can I take any courses while I am entering the admission process?
Yes. You can enroll in any class open to non-degree students. Classes required in the counseling program which are open to non-degree students are: TED 8010 Introduction to Research, COUN 8110 Human Development and Psycho-Social Intervention Strategies, COUN 8226 Career Development and Lifestyle, and COUN 8020 Introduction to Counseling or COUN 8050 Introduction to Professional School Counseling.

7. How competitive is entrance into the counseling program?
The Department always has more applicants than it is able to accept. Decisions are based on a composite score derived from responses of references and scores from the GRE/MAT, essay, group interview and personal data information. Students not admitted on their first try may ask that their applications be reconsidered during the following application process.