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1. What are the top five benefits of CADRE?
     • Increased instructional skills and knowledge
     • Graduate tuition and fees paid
     • Mentoring by master teacher
     • Support of a cohort
     • Priority consideration for employment

2. When do we find out if we have been selected?
It varies since it is up to the school districts to place you in a position. Typically, districts make selections between January and mid-April. The CADRE office will notify remaining candidates by letter once the districts have completed the selection process.

3. How does the CADRE selection/hiring process with the districts work?
It is best to apply to the CADRE Project and the districts at approximately the same time. UNO will verify you have met the criteria for CADRE (cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher). The districts will receive a weekly update of CADRE candidates (December through March) and are solely responsible for screening and selecting CADRE Teachers. You can increase your chances of being selected by applying early to all participating CADRE districts.

4. If I graduate in December and teach the rest of the year, would I still qualify for a CADRE position? What if I have taught for an entire year?
Policies may vary from district to district. In the past districts have accepted candidates with a partial year of experience. Some have also accepted candidates with a year of experience. Keep in mind, CADRE is a graduate teacher induction program originally designed for newly certified teachers.

5. I’ve been selected to participate in CADRE and I’m ready to start my teaching career. Now what can I expect?
At UNO, each CADRE Teacher will select an area of concentration for his/her graduate program. You will then complete 36 graduate hours in 15 months, beginning the summer before you start teaching and ending in July of the following year. You will take 12 hours in the summer before you start teaching, 6 hours in the fall of your first year of teaching, 6 hours in the spring, and 12 hours the following summer. As a CADRE teacher, you will participate in a capstone experience which will demonstrate evidence of your learning throughout the program. Your tuition and fees are paid and you will receive a stipend of approximately $17,000, divided over 12 months.

In your school district, you will be expected to assume all responsibilities of a classroom teacher as designated by the school district. Through graduate studies and mentoring support, you will be able to incorporate best instructional practices and current research to support student achievement and district goals.

6. As a part of CADRE, am I an employee of the school district?
As a CADRE Teacher, you are not considered an employee of the district. During your CADRE year you will be on contract with UNO.

7. Are all CADRE teachers retained by the district?
Approximately 95% of teachers are hired by their CADRE district. However, CADRE Teachers are under no obligation to remain with a district beyond the CADRE year. It is important to keep in mind that CADRE is a probationary year and viewed as a nine month interview with the school district.

If you have any further questions about the CADRE experience, please contact:

Char Riewer at or Susan Bless at: 402.554.3530